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Can you add water to concrete immediately after adding a

Nov 30, 2018 · Ideally you should not . Scene 1. Your mix is dry In such stage super plasticizer is not suggested to be added, as it may get locked in dry particles and not perform well.

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research

The viscosity of grout and hence the workability of concrete influenced by the dosage of superplasticizer. From dosages of admixture, the difference between concrete mixes comes, which used at amounts 400 ml/100 kg, 600 ml/100 kg, 800 ml/100 kg, 1000 ml/100 kg and 1200 ml/100 kg of cement were prepared.

Compressive Strength and Workability assessment for

wider sections and use of modern automatic batching plants to produce good quality of concrete. By literature review I have found that the hundred per cent compaction of concrete is an important parameter for contributing to the maximum strength. Quality produced concrete may still give poor results due to lack of compaction.


Plasticizers are chemical compounds that enable the production of concrete with ca. 15% less water content. Superplasticizers allow reduction in water content by 30% or more. These additives are employed at the level of a few weight percent. Plasticizers and superplasticizers retard the curing of concrete.

The advantages and disadvantages of plasticizers

The advantages and disadvantages of plasticizers The advantages and disadvantages of the plasticizer are summed up in the long term experiment and use. The advantages and disadvantages of the plasticizers are enumerated in detail in this paper for reference. The advantages and disadvantages of synthetic plant fat plasticizers. 1.

Penggunaan Bahan Campuran Pada Beton: Fly Ash Slica Fume

Pengurangan ini tergantung dalam kandungan air yang digunakan, dosis dan tipe dari superplastisizer yang dipakai (L.J. Parrot, 1998). Demikian untuk info Penggunaan Fly Ash (FA) Slica Fume & Superplasticzier Pada Beton Cor – Ready Mix Concrete dari kami NUASA BETON.


Step 2: Study of Concrete Characteristics (1/2) Tests done on concrete to ensure a mix with the required slump. Superplasticizer dosage may be increased if the saturation dosage is not sufficient; however, it is recommended that the dosage is not more than 150% of the saturation dosage in order to limit the retardation and

Comparison of Self Compacted Concrete with Normal Concrete by

Comparison of Self Compacted Concrete with Normal Concrete by Using Different Type of Steel Fibres Prof. Kishor S. Sable, Prof. Madhuri K. Rathi Abstract Self-compacting concrete (SCC) offers several economic and technical benefits; the use of steel fibres extends its possibilities. Therefore, a research work

Amino Acrylsulphonate Phenol Formaldehyde Condensate Concrete

MUHU is concrete admixture manufacturer in China. AS type amino acrylsulphonate phenol formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture is amino superplasticizer, featuring non-air-entraining, high enhanced, low dosage, low slump loss, low alkali content, greatly reduced plastic viscosity of concrete, more than 30% of high water reducing rate, etc.


INFLUENCE OF SUPERPLASTISIZER ON FLOW AND STRENGTH CHARACTERISTICS OF CONCRETE. Sishminder Pal Singh . 3. rd. Year, Dept. Of Civil Engineering . [email protected] . Abstract— As civil engineer’s maintaining our duty to discover method of making concrete at lowest water cement ratio while maintain a required workability. It is now possible

Concrete Mix Design with Fly Ash and Superplasticizer

Kaushal Kishore for submitting the paper on Concrete Mix Design with Fly Ash and Superplasticizer. This will not only be a great help to fellow civil engineers but also in saving environment by using the waste fly ash.


We are inspired to influence how the world is built. We are dedicated to the development of high-performance products, the continued pursuit of advancement in construction technologies, simplifying the complexities of construction worldwide and delivering value to our customers. Learn more about us.

Properties and Applications ofFiber Reinforced Concrete

Properties and Applications ofFiber Reinforced Concrete 51 high aspect ratio were found to have improved effectiveness. Itwas shown that for thesamelengthanddiameter,crimped-endfibers can achievethesamepropertiesas straight fibers using 40 percent less fibers[S]. In determining the mechanical proper­

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Suppliers Manufacturers, USA

Poly-Carboxylate is a superplasticizer for high performance concrete, high strength concrete, high volume fly ash/slag concrete and grouting/self-leveling screed/mortar. Characteristics of Poly-Carboxylate PCE . 1 High early strength: Significant increase of early strength and 28d strength. 2 Low slump lose: Great reduction of slump lose.

Experimental Study of Replacement of Cement by SCBA in Concrete

ratio of 5%, 10%, 15%,20% and 25% in the concrete keeping same workability of concrete. Twelve samples of aggregate each SCBA replacements are tested for 7 days and 28 days compressive strength .On the basis of experimentation it is observed that about 12.5% replacement of cement by SCBA for M-35 concrete can be done without changing the

China Tpeg manufacturer, PCE, Polycarboxylate

Sep 23, 2014 · With an area of 1 million square meters and about 500 employees, Jilin Zhongxin Chemical Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter called JZC), located in Jilin Economic &Technological Development Area, it is an international chemical enterprise group that focuses on fine chemicals' R&D, production, sales, and technology transfer.

New generation superplastisizer for concrete with extended

New generation superplastisizer for concrete with extended slump retention Description ADIUM 132 is a new generation Polycarboxylate -based superplasticizer specially developed for the production of ready-mix concrete where high workability, excellent slump retention, high strength and durability are required.


SPECIFICATIONS FOR "READY-MIX CONCRETE" TUSCARAWAS COUNTY ROAD & BRIDGE DEPARTMENT April 1, 2014 thru March 31, 2015 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: Bidding of material will be by quadrants as indicated on the map furnished herein.

Strength properties of glass fibre concrete

STRENGTH PROPERTIES OF GLASS FIBRE CONCRETE Chandramouli K.1, Srinivasa Rao P.2, Pannirselvam N.3, Seshadri Sekhar T.4 and Sravana P.2 1Priyadrashini Institute of Technology for Women, Tenali, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India 2JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India 3VIT University, Vellore, India

Beton Mutu Tinggi dengan Admixture Superplastisizer dan

Beton Mutu Tinggi dengan Admixture Superplastisizer dan Aditif Silicafume (High Strength Concrete Containing Admixtures Superplastisizer and Additive Silicafume) AS’AT PUJIANTO ABSTRACT Increasing concrete strength is one of the main necessities of concrete technology. For more than the last 20 years, high strength concretes with compressive ...

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How does super plasticizer work in concrete and what is the

Jan 16, 2018 · Super plasticiszers are high range water reducers and they reduce water requirement of concrete up-to an extent of 30 percent. They are used to produce self levelling, self compacting and high strength concrete Dosage may be limited to 0.5 to 3% b...

Effect of superplasticizer on performance of concrete

Aug 21, 2017 · Effect of superplasticizer on performance of concrete 1. Seminar On Effect Of Superplasticizer On Performance Of Concrete Pandey Rohit(160670720019) SAL Institute of Technology and Research, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

High Performance vs High Strength Concrete

High-strength concrete columns can hold more weight and therefore be made slimmer than regular strength concrete columns, which allows for more useable space, especially in the lower floors of buildings. High Strength Concrete are also used in other engineering strucures like bridges. [gn_divider top=”1″] 5. Is High Strength Concrete same ...


Behavior of Underwater Self Compacting Concrete 1009 2. Adding water, superplastisizer and antiwashout admixtures at the same time. 3. Mixing the ingredients for another 90 seconds. The total mixing time is 2 minutes. In the laboratory, after initial two minutes of mixing, concrete is kept

Mix Design and Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concretes

Aug 26, 2014 · This work is devoted to the study of fresh and hardened properties of concrete containing recycled gravel. Four formulations were studied, the concrete of reference and three concretes containing recycled gravel with 30, 65 and 100 % replacement ratios. All materials were formulated on the basis of S4 class of flowability and a target C35 class of compressive strength according to the ...


to the concrete mixer either together with concrete water or into fresh concrete. The agent is most effective when added into concrete about a minute after dosing water. The dosage of VB-PARMIX is usually 0.5…2% of the weight of concrete. 0.5…1.0-% dosage is used for plasticising normal concrete. In high-grade concrete, dosage is usually 1 ...

Flexural Behaviour of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam

two-part epoxy impregnation resin, superplastisizer. Superplastisizer used is MasterRheobuild 924KL. It is composed of synthetic polymers specially designed to impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete. A rheoplastic concrete us a fluid concrete with a slump of at least 200mm but at the same

Zona Travel dan Rekreasi Anak Muda – Page 6 – Informasi

harga seng atap spandek kliplok semakin kondang sebab kedayagunaan energinya. kapa-kapa metal tak buat segenap orang sehubungan dengan estetika, dan itu lebih mahal ketimbang sudung aspal tapi kalau anda berada di pasar untuk tarup terkini, terdapat beberapa ulasan mengapa sudung metal yaitu kesukaan yang sangat positif. ini yaitu pilihan yang cakap akibat sanggup mencerminkan panas …

how many cement use for 1cum concrete for 25Grade

Answer / kalyan. Dry Volume for 1 Cum Mix is 1.54 Cum. Ratio for M25 is 1:1:2 = 1+1+2 = 4 1 Part of cement would be = 1.54/4 = 0.385 cum. 1 cum of cement = 30 bags of cement

Enhancement of Workability of Cement-Poor Concrete by

The results highlighted the importance of having sufficient amounts of filler and cement paste for separate and carry larger particles, which gives the concrete good workability and fluidity at casting. It was concluded that the slump behaviors can be optimized based on the adjustments of the superplastisizer dosage.

Superplasticizers in Concrete

In other words it has a property of enhancing workability at a given water-cement ratio in compare to concrete mix without Plasticizers. Plasticizers indirectly add strength to hardened concrete by enhancing workability of a concrete mix during its mixing and placing thereby allowing reduction in water-cement (W/C) ratio.

Advanced Methods of Concrete Mixture Design

High strength concrete can be designed at low cement content with proper selection of the ingredients. A typical mixture proportion of high strength concrete is given in column 2 of Table 2. The modified Andreassen ideal gradation curve for q = 0.26 and the actual overall gradation is shown in Figure 6. Table 2.


MICROFINE CEMENT. Fine Cement for Speciality Grouting Applications. M. ICROFINE . C. EMENT. is a blast furnace slag-based ultrafine cement intended for specialty grouting applications.

Solved: I Want An Introduction Paragraph For Concrete Lab

Question: I Want An Introduction Paragraph For Concrete Lab Report. The Things Included In The Lab Report Are 1.use Of GGBS, FLY ASH AND SUPERPLASTISIZER 2.effects Of Curing On Strength Development 3.water Cement Ratio 4.effect Of Specimen Size And Shape

Revealing the Mystery of Admixtures: Water-Reducing and Set

Water-reducing admixtures improve concrete’s plastic (wet) and hardened properties, while set-controlling admixtures are used in concrete being placed and finished in other than optimum temperatures. Both, when used appropriately, contribute to good concreting practices. Also, both admixtures should meet the requirements of ASTM C 494 (see ...

ACI Method of Concrete Mix Design - Procedure and Calculations

ACI method of concrete mix design is based on the estimated weight of the concrete per unit volume. This method takes into consideration the requirements for consistency, workability, strength and durability. This article presents ACI method of concrete mix design.

Slump test after adding Super P?

Sep 30, 2008 · For you concrete guys. Please forgive my ignorance on the subject, as Im a welding guy, so the extent of my concrete knowledge goes about as far as telling my ass from my elbow. Is it required or outlined in any code section as to when slump tests should be performed when Super P plasticizer is u...

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